Basket Hat.png
Basket Hat
-Weight 1 kg
[Weather Protections]
-Duststorms 75%
-Value c.10
-Sell value c.2
[No Armour Coverage]
-Stealth effect 1.10x
-Perception bonus -10
A hat usually worn by weirdo assassins. Hides the face and makes you look creepy.
Slot: HEAD

A Basket Hat is Clothing that is equipped in the Headgear slot.

This armour has inventory dimensions of 3x3.

Source[edit | edit source]

Always Equipped Potentially Equipped

Outlaw Swordsman Captain
Rebel Captain
Sand Ninja Jounin
Sand Ninja Oni
Wandering Assassin

Bounty Hunter

Shops Loot

Drifter's Last General Shop ArmorSign.png
Sho-Battai Headgear Shop ArmorSign.png

Mapico-x.png Flotsam Safehouse

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Clothing Bench

(1 required)

Basket Hat
Basket Hat.png

Basket Hat

[Research Blueprint]

Tech Level 1
-Value c.25
-Sell value c.8
New Armour Type Basket Hat

The blueprint is obtainable but unneeded, as players can unlock this item through technology research.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The item is based on the Tengai Hat, a special hat worn by the Komusō. Komusō was a sect of Japanese Zen Buddhist monks who traveled the country, living as beggars. Due to the monks' ability to move across Japan with no restrictions, many dressed like Komusō to act as spies or assassins.

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