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Basic First Aid Kits are medical items used to heal cutting damage on organic body parts. Players can learn how to craft this item by researching Basic First Aid Kits. After researching, these kits can be crafted on a Basic Medical Workbench and an upgraded Medical Workbench.

Basic First Aid Kits can also be found on some of the common infantry units from most factions, including [ But not limited to ] the United Cities and The Holy Nation. While Shek Kingdom and Hivers (Both Western and Southern types) militaries use this item for all of their units. Many smaller armed groups and (unique) recruits also carry the Basic First Aid Kits with them.

This item is also utilized by slavers and Cannibals to restore their victim's condition for 'later use'.

Medical Workbench

(1 required)

Basic First Aid Kit
Basic First Aid Kit.png


When this item spawns in Flotsam Safehouse, it spawns as an unique item.