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The content discussed on this page has either been removed from the game or has never been implemented. This content may still be accessible through previous versions of the game or through the Forgotten Construction Set.

Loading Screen Tips
If you set up base too near to other outposts, cannibal villages or bandit camps, be prepared for the consequences.

Base Assaults are a scrapped system that has since been replaced. You can find the new version on the Events page.

Base Assaults were an attack on the player's outpost where an army of a Faction raids the player's outpost to either attack the inhabitants or steal resources and items. It was introduced in version 0.60.0.

If there are no player characters in a base during an assault, then the invading group will wait outside until someone returns before attacking.

Causes of base assault

Base assaults occur when players are hostile with a faction or, if the player is being extorted out of their Cats via racketeering or taxing, base assault can happen if the player refuses to pay the faction. Sometimes base assaults can just be random.

Once the faction enters the outpost with their army, the player has a few minutes to interact with them, which gives them a few options to coerce them to cease the base assault, such as bribing them by giving up all the funds or half of them, if persuaded. If the player doesn't interact the invading army for awhile, they will automatically attack and raid the player's outpost of their items and resources. If there are any of the player's squad members, the army will attack them first before looting the outpost.

Attacking the invading army after bribing them with valuables will not recover them.

Major factions (The Holy Nation, United Cities, and Shek Kingdom) will assault your base when relations become negative enough or if your actions trigger one.