Bark is a Town on the north-eastern coast of The Great Desert region. It resembles a former port, built around a number of natural lagoons. Its economy relies on supplies from both Port North and Port South. Lady Sanda lives in and governs from a Noble House.

As with many other northern cities, it can be discovered by travelling there or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Central Territories).

Somewhere close to the center of this town, a 'yard' of camp beds can be found that are most likely slums for the homeless to sleep constructed by the government or peasants themselves.

Due to the lack of Police Station presence in this town, if the player or any other NPC gets arrested they will directly get imprisoned in the cages of the Slave Shop and get enslaved there.

Players should beware as it is possible to be pick-pocketed by Red, a unique resident of Bark.

Player owned buildings in Bark are not safe from Town Overrides.

Buildings and Shops[edit | edit source]

Buildings for Sale[edit | edit source]

Town Overrides[edit | edit source]

Bark can change depending on world states.

Malnourished Bark[edit | edit source]

Bark can become malnourished if Lady Sanda is alive, but Slave Master Wada and Lady Kana are killed or imprisoned.

Half-Destroyed Bark[edit | edit source]

Bark becomes half-destroyed if Emperor Tengu is killed or imprisoned.

Lordless Bark[edit | edit source]

Bark becomes half-destroyed if Lady Sanda is killed or imprisoned. What differentiates this from the other half-destroyed variant is that this variant fulfills one of the condition to become Independent Bark.

Independent Bark[edit | edit source]

Bark becomes overtaken by the Empire Peasants if Lady Sanda, Master Wada, and Lady Kana are all killed or imprisoned. This is specifically different from the next town override because Emperor Tengu is still alive. If Tengu is harmed, it shifts to the "Prosperous Bark" override.

Prosperous Bark[edit | edit source]

Bark becomes overtaken by Empire Peasants if Tengu and Sanda are both killed or imprisoned.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This town existed in the Alpha version of the game.
  • Unique Recruits can randomly be named Bark.
  • The towns name 'Bark' could be a reference to the wood logs that may occasionally flow by the port.
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