Bark is a Town on the north-eastern coast of The Great Desert region. Lady Sanda lives here in a Noble House.

Players should beware as it is possible to be pick-pocketed by Red, a unique resident of Bark.

Buildings and ShopsEdit

Buildings for Sale Edit

Overrides Edit

Malnourished Bark Edit

Bark can become malnourished if Lady Sanda is alive, but Slave Master Wada and Lady Kana are killed/imprisoned.

Lordless Bark Edit

Bark becomes half-destroyed if Lady Sanda is killed/imprisoned.

Independent Bark Edit

Bark becomes overtaken by the Empire Peasants if Lady Sanda, Wada, and Kana are all killed/imprisoned. This is specifically different because Emperor Tengu is still alive. If Tengu is harmed, it shifts to Prosperous Bark.

Prosperous Bark Edit

Bark becomes overtaken by Empire Peasants if Tengu and Sanda are both killed/imprisoned.

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