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All heretics will burn in the flame of the Lord Okran!

–Holy Sentinel

Bad Teeth is a Major Town guarding a mountain pass between the fertile valley of Okran's Pride and hostile wilderness of the Skinner's Roam. Unlike Stack and Blister Hill, there are no buildings which are unique to this location.

Bad Teeth is one of the two locations for the "Holy Nation Citizen" game start (the other one is Stack). This town can be an advantageous starting location since the Gate Guards frequently kill roaming River Raptors which can easily be looted for profit. It can also be discovered via exploration or by reading the Glorious Holy Map.

In older versions of the game, the city was located on the eastern edge of the map and had a large number of barracks and not a single bar, looking more like a military outpost than an actual city.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]

Town Overrides[]

Players should be careful about building in Player-Owned Buildings in Town in this location, as many World States can easily cause Bad Teeth to become overwritten.

The Town Overrides below are listed in the order of priority, meaning that if a World State that can achieve both Town Overrides are present at the same time, then the town will have the override with the one that has the highest priority.

Half-Destroyed Bad Teeth[]

If the Holy Lord Phoenix has been killed/kidnapped but High Inquisitor Seta has not been, this location will become half destroyed.

Bad Teeth Ruins[]

Bad Teeth will become completely destroyed if the Phoenix, Seta, Esata, and Flying Bull have all been killed/kidnapped.

Esata's Bad Teeth[]

The Shek Kingdom will overtake this town if Esata is fine, but High Inquisitor Seta has been killed/kidnapped.

Flying Bull's Bad Teeth[]

The Shek Kingdom will also overtake this town if Esata and Seta have been killed/kidnapped, as long as Flying Bull is still alive and free.

Empire Bad Teeth[]

The United Cities will control Bad Teeth if both High Inquisitors and Esata have been killed/kidnapped, as long as Emperor Tengu and Longen are still alive and free.