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If a character keeps food in his backpack then it will be automatically shared with the rest of the squad.

Backpacks are carrying equipment worn on the back. When equipped, it gives the unit extra space, and depending on the bag, the ability to stack Trade Goods that normally would not stack, but at the cost of combat stats.

Backpacks are obtained differently depending on their category. Normal Backpacks are widely for sale in Travel and Repairs Shops. Thieves Backpacks are sometimes found at normal Travel Shops but are also sold by Shinobi Traders. Animal Backpacks are sold by Travel Shops, Farm Shops and some independent animal traders. The bigger Traders Backpacks and Shopkeepers Backpacks are not for sale and can only be obtained by robbing a shopkeeper.

Types of backpacks

Backpack Grid


Weight Base value Encumbrance reduction Combat skills bonus Combat
Stealth Dodge
Small Thieves Backpack.png
Small Thieves Backpack
8x8 1x 64 1kg 3,000 60% 0 1.00x 1.00x 1.00x
Thieves Backpack.png
Thieves Backpack
10x14 1x 140 2kg 5,000 60% -2 1.00x 1.00x 1.00x
Small Backpack.png
Small Backpack
8x8 1x 64 1kg 1,000 50% -2 0.95x 0.85x 0.85x
Medium Backpack.png
Medium Backpack
10x14 1x 140 4kg 1,500 50% -5 0.90x 0.50x 0.50x
Scavenger's Basket.png
Scavenger's Basket
10x14 1x 140 1kg 250 30% -5 0.90x 0.50x 0.50x
Large Backpack.png
Large Backpack
12x20 1x 240 8kg 3,000 50% -10 0.80x 0.25x 0.25x
Trader's Wooden Backpack.png
Trader's Wooden Backpack
8x8 9x 576 4kg 800 50% -5 0.90x 0.40x 0.40x
Wooden Backpack.png
Wooden Backpack
8x8 9x 576 4kg 800 50% -5 0.90x 0.50x 0.50x
Bull Backpack.png
Bull Backpack
20x20 5x 2000 6kg 2,000 90% -4 0.80x 1.00x 1.00x
Garru Backpack.png
Garru Backpack
20x20 6x 2400 6kg 2,000 90% -4 0.80x 1.00x 1.00x
Traders Backpack Medium.png
Shopkeepers goods bag
20x20 1x 400 100kg 5,000 0% -10 0.50x 0.00x 0.00x
Traders Backpack Medium.png
Traders Backpack Medium
8x8 6x 384 4kg 2,500 50% -5 0.90x 0.50x 0.50x
Traders Backpack Large.png
Traders Backpack Large
10x14 6x 840 8kg 4,500 50% -10 0.80x 0.20x 0.20x

Loading screen tips

Loading Screen Tips
Backpacks are a good way to carry more stuff, but the larger ones will hinder you in combat.

Loading Screen Tips
If you don't have a backpack, you can feed your animals by dropping some food on the floor nearby.

Loading Screen Tips
You need to eat to survive. Your character simply needs food in his inventory in order to stay fed. Food in a backpack will be shared among the squad members.