This is your ability to run and swim faster. Very useful for thieves, scouts, and assassins. It is improved by doing lots of running, at full speed, without encumbrance from a heavy inventory.

–In-game description

Athletics is one of Kenshi's in-game stats, that in combination with encumbrance, affects your movement speed.

Dependent on your encumbrance, as you walk, jog and run you maintain a percentage bonus. This bonus determines how quickly you gain experience towards leveling up this skill. For example, if you have no encumbrance, you will have a 150% bonus, which means as you run around the map, you quickly gain athletics skill. On the opposite side of the scale, if you wear plenty of heavy armour and are encumbered you may maintain only a fraction of that % bonus, meaning you gain the skill more slowly. However in-return for being encumbered you will gain a strength percentage bonus as you move, for more information see the strength page.


The following table shows the maximum run speed for an unencumbered character at all levels of Athletics:

Level Max speed
85 25 mph