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Stats Affected: Description:
If you are in a stealth mode you can sneak up behind people and knock them out. This skill determines how long they stay unconscious for.
-Chance to successfully kidnap someone
-Chance to break free when being carried away
-Resist knock-out and kidnapping attempts
Ways to Train:
-Trying stealthy knock-outs

Successfully knocking a person

Assassination is a stat that affects the player's ability to successfully knock out non-player characters. It is useful when players want to get rid of a person or a group of people without fighting or alarming the guards. Players can attempt to stealth knock-out any character in the world. Stealth knock-outs are not possible on animal characters.

Players earn experience in this stat for successful and unsuccessful attempts. Successful attempts earn more experience depending on how unlikely it was that they would succeed. The Toughness attribute or Assassination skill of the target decreases your chances of knocking them out. A knocked out person can be looted the same way as if they were asleep.

Only one skill can act as a defensive skill against assassinations or kidnapping, the game will use the victim's highest skill between assassination and toughness, ignoring the lower one.

Racial Experience Multipliers
Negative Multiplier:
There are no races which have negative experience multipliers for this stat.
Positive Multiplier:
-Screamer MkI
All multipliers are either 0.8x or 1.2x unless marked otherwise.

Equipment Skill Multipliers

Name Assassination Effect Multiplier
Ancient Samurai Armour.png
Ancient Samurai Armour
Assassin's Rags.png
Assassin's Rags
Crab Armour.png
Crab Armour
Empire Samurai Armour.png
Empire Samurai Armour
Mercenary Plate.png
Mercenary Plate
Ninja Rags.png
Ninja Rags
Plate Jacket.png
Plate Jacket
Samurai Armour.png
Samurai Armour
Unholy Chest Plate.png
Unholy Chest Plate


You can train Assassination at The Hub or any other city with a Thieves tower after joining the Shinobi Thieves. They have Assassination Dummies on the first floor of their tower.

Player Characters can also build their own Assassination Dummies after researching Assassin Training.


  • It is recommended that players avoid knocking out shopkeepers because of a bug which causes the shop's residents to despawn. The shop's items will not restock if this occurs. This can be fixed through importing saved games.
  • Players can also attempt stealth knock-outs on any eating or worshiping Fogmen in the Fog Islands. The Fogmen will be too distracted in their task and will likely not initiate combat after a failed attempt.
  • An easy way to train this is to stealth knock-out characters within Prisoner Cages. This can be done easily against any enslaved characters in places such as Rebirth and Reaver Camps.