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Armour Storage
Armour Storage.png
Type: Interior
Materials cost:
Building Materials 1
Estimated build time: 3 hrs

Storage for clothing and armour.

Armour Storage are containers that can be built inside player buildings (constructed or bought). They cannot be placed anywhere else, unlike some other forms of storage that can be constructed both inside and outside. They are used to store Armour and Clothing, and can only hold those types of items.

Armour Storage can be built after researching Gear Storage. When placing Armour Storage, consider that characters can get stuck in parallel rows of armour chests if they are placed as close as the BUILD mode allows. Experiment with placing these rows of chests so that they are apart by at least a length of a single individual chest, removing the possibility to get stuck.

Placing stolen items in the Armour Storage container will clear them of their "stolen" tag.


  • Power Consumption - 0
  • Efficiency - 1x
  • Storage - ArmourClothing
  • Storage Space - 22x18


Old look of Armour Storage.