Stats Affected: [Affects physical bulk]
The ability to craft higher quality gear and armour, in a shorter space of time.
-Crafting armour speed
-Crafted armour quality
Ways to Train:
-Crafting armour and parts

Characters operating various armour crafting benches

Added in the 0.50 update, Armour Smithing affects the speed and quality of the armour you craft. Armour Smithing is composed of two components: producing crafting materials and crafting the armour itself.

The quality of Homemade armour depends on the skill of the smith (with a small random factor). Unlike in Weapon Smithing, no research is required to unlock higher armour grades.

Racial Experience Multipliers
Negative Multiplier:
-Deadhive Soldier
-Hive Soldier Drone
-Southern Hive Soldier Drone
Positive Multiplier:
-P4 Unit
All multipliers are either 0.8x or 1.2x unless marked otherwise.

The ability to smith armour is negatively affected by darkness therefore lighting fixtures should be present throughout the whole crafting process in order to prevent quality deterioration. The skill also deteriorates if the character has body parts which aren't at full health (lower skill below <80-85%). The best way to start learn the skills from a low level is by making raw materials such as Armour Plating, Chainmail, or Leather until at least level 40 is reached. From that point on, the skill can be trained by making Bandanas, which should provide a decent profit at standard quality.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Materials needed for crafting can be made with Fabric Looms (hemp or cotton), a Leather Tanning Bench, a Chainmail Sheet Fabrication Bench, and a Plate Beating Station. Alternatively, characters can buy or steal these materials from shops.

Crafting Benches[edit | edit source]

Crafting armour is done using the Leather Armour Crafting Bench, Chain Armour Crafting Bench and Heavy Armour Smithy. Clothing items are made on the Clothing Bench. Each of those will require a separate tech researched through Science.

Buildings and Technology
Building Research Needed Input Output
Clothing Bench Clothing Manufacture
Fabrics CargopantsRag LoinclothRag ShirtWhite VestWorn-out Shorts
Hats and Headgear Bandana, Basket Hat, Cap, Rattan Hat, Tagelmust, Turban, Wool Hat
Simple Clothing Types Black Cloth Shirt, Cargopants, Cloth ShirtGiGi PantsMartial Artist BindingsTurtleneck, White Vest, Wooden Sandals, Worn-out Shorts
Leather Armour Crafting Bench Leather Armour Crafting
Fabrics Trader's Leathers
Heavy Armour Smithy Plate Armour Crafting
Fabrics All output requires blueprints.
Armour Plating.png
Armour Plating
Chain Armour Crafting Bench Chain Armour Crafting
Fabrics All output requires blueprints.
Chainmail Sheets.png
Chainmail Sheet

Blueprinted Armour[edit | edit source]

Shops in cities sell blueprints that allow factions to learn how to make specific clothing. Many can also be found at the Great Library.

Clothing Bench[edit | edit source]

Leather Armour Bench[edit | edit source]

Heavy Armour Smithy[edit | edit source]

Chain Armour Crafting Bench[edit | edit source]

Special[edit | edit source]

Armour Grades[edit | edit source]

Armour Grades by Level
Quality Level Range
Prototype 0
Shoddy 20
Standard 40
High 60
Specialist 80
Masterwork 100

Critical Success Chance[edit | edit source]

Upon crafting a piece of armour there is a chance that the armour crafted will be one quality grade higher than normal. This 'critical success chance' is dependent on how much higher the crafter's skill is compared to the armour quality he is crafting. The chance of a critical success can be viewed by selecting the corresponding station for the piece of armour, selecting "Queue...", and rolling the cursor over the piece of armour currently being crafted.

Name of Smith[edit | edit source]

The game makes note of the name of the Smith that created the armour (as well as weapon), for example "This item was made by Player of Nameless (faction)". This feature can be used to make little "player notes" in the game by temporarily changing character names (via the Plastic Surgeon ) and player faction renaming. For example "Uniform of Smiths" Cloth Shirt can be produced and placed in a general container where a player could place a typical uniform of his or her faction's smiths. Another use of this technique is to keep track of specific characters' boxes. For example a simple Iron Stick crafted by Red of Nameless faction placed in a container can remind the player that all items in the container belong to Red. NB smith's name does not change on the already created weapon once the name has been changed (back).

Branded Clothing Items[edit | edit source]

High quality clothes made by the player can be separated from lower quality items made by the player. While they give no stats bonus depending on their quality, the player-crafted high quality items are still identifiable by a slight change in the worded description. Such item is described as a "high quality armour", followed by a generic description that cites the creator's name. Only the smiths that are able to regularly craft "Specialist" level gear make items with this special description. Other clothing items simply note the creator's name.

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