Armour King's Shop is a hidden unique armour shop found in Drowned Ruins in the river Wend. It carries some of the highest quality armour in the game, for those that can afford it.

This shop also rents out beds upstairs for free if the player is in need of healing.

Residents Edit

This location has a gear Artifacts value of 150,000 Cats, meaning it will spawn armour and weapons from the Artifacts system.

Possible Stock

Armour Grades Chance
Armoured Hood
Armoured Hood Common
Assassin's Rags
Assassin's Rags Common
Blackened Chainmail Tagelmust
Blackened Chainmail Tagelmust Common
Blackened Chain Hive Shirt
Blackened Chain Hive Shirt Rare
Blackened Chain Shirt
Blackened Chain Shirt Common
Black Plate Jacket
Black Plate Jacket Rare
Chain Shirt
Chain Shirt Uncommon
Dark Leather Shirt
Dark Leather Shirt Common
Dustcoat Common
Hiver Chain Shirt
Hiver Chain Shirt Uncommon
Iron Hat
Iron Hat Common
Karuta Zukin
Karuta Zukin Uncommon
Kusari Zukin
Kusari Zukin Uncommon
Leather Hive Vest
Leather Hive Vest Uncommon
Leather Shirt
Leather Shirt Uncommon
Leather Turtleneck
Leather Turtleneck Uncommon
Longcoat Uncommon
Mercenary Leather Armour
Mercenary Leather Armour Common
Mercenary Plate
Mercenary Plate Common
Plated Longboots
Plated Longboots Common
Plate Jacket
Plate Jacket Common
Police Helmet
Police Helmet Common
Rusty Chain Shirt
Rusty Chain Shirt Common
Samurai Armour
Samurai Armour Common
Samurai Boots
Samurai Boots Uncommon
Samurai Clothpants
Samurai Clothpants Rare
Samurai Helmet
Samurai Helmet Common
Samurai Legplates
Samurai Legplates Common
Side-Angle Hachigane
Side-Angle Hachigane Common
Sleeveless Dustcoat
Sleeveless Dustcoat Uncommon
Sleeveless Longcoat
Sleeveless Longcoat Uncommon
Tin Can
Tin Can Uncommon
Visored Helmet
Visored Helmet Uncommon
White Plate Jacket
White Plate Jacket Rare
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