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There is no armour against fate; death lays his icy hands on kings.


Armour is a selection of equipment worn on various parts of the body to mitigate damage. It can be worn on five different parts of the body. Armour can be made by the player through the skill Armour Smith, purchased from Traders, or looted from characters.

Headgear * Body Armour * Shirts * Legwear * Footwear

Types of Armour Edit

Kenshi categorizes Armour into four different categories, depending on damage resistance and skill multipliers.

Clothing Edit

Clothing is equipment which does not have armour coverage. Clothing is generally worn by civilians. Wearing clothing can be advantageous for keeping a character's "looks like a slave" rating low when escaping from Slavery. Some clothing has bonuses specifically for Martial Arts.

Light Armour Edit

Light Armour is likely to have bonuses to Combat Stats. Light armour is preferred by players who prioritize the attack, dodge, and block speeds of their characters.

Medium Armour Edit

Medium Armour offers more coverage than light armour and less than heavy armour, but without the latter's skill penalties.

Heavy Armour Edit

Heavy Armour is armour which weighs a lot. Heavy Armour offers the most armour coverage, but also has negative effects on stats. The penalties caused by this type of armour make battles more difficult and therefore allow characters to level up faster in combat stats.

This armour is favored by high level military members and tanks. Because heavier armour is likely to have penalties to Dexterity, characters using cutting weapons should avoid it.

Mechanics Edit

To learn more about how the stats on certain equipment will affect your characters in battle, read our page on Resistances and our Guide to Equipment.

Armour Colour Edit

Some types of armour can have a colour variance, mostly dependent on the faction that wears it. Armour with these colour variations can be obtained through looting characters from these factions. However, placing certain armour types on these characters, when KO'd for example, will also change the colour of this armour to their faction colour. For example: The Berserkers themselves wear Red Armoured Rag Skirts. If a player places a regular Armoured Rag Skirt in their legs armour slot, it will turn red. This method can be used if the player wishes to use a specific faction color.