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Welcome to Ark... welcome to revolution! Here, you'll fight when I tell you, wear what I tell you, eat, bleed, piss when I tell you. But when you die a hero, in a pool of your own blood on the battlefield with the noble lords, you'll appreciate that your life was not wasted like all those other nobodies of the world... Those who die for nothing, who die like dogs...


Ark is the headquarters of the Reavers and the home of their leader Valamon. It is located slightly North from the center of Stobe's Garden.


Crab Takeover of Ark[]

If Valamon is kidnapped or killed, Ark becomes overtaken by the Crab Raiders.

Ark full of Squatters[]

If Valamon and the Crab Queen are both killed or imprisoned, Ark is inhabited by a bunch of squatters.


  • The location is named after modder Arkhiel, who made several of the hairstyles that got added into the game.