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Hrmph. Whatever your business here, make it quick, flatskin.

–Hundred Guardian

Admag is the capital of the Shek Kingdom. This Major Town is placed on top of a hill and only has one entrance. It is located in Stenn Desert. Its location can be revealed by reading the Map of the Shek Kingdom.

The powerful Hundred Guardians are the town's main defense, although Shek Warriors patrol the desert.

This is the home of the Shek Kingdom's leader: Esata the Stone Golem. She resides in the Faction HQ building. Esata is accompanied by Bayan and Seto. The building is also guarded by the kingdom's toughest warriors: The Five Invincibles.

If the Shek Kingdom has control over Stack, the Faction HQ may relocate there.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]


This location is only affected by the deaths of Esata and Seto.

Berserk Admag[]

If Esata dies, the town is overtaken by Berserkers.

Admag After Loss[]

If Seto is killed, Admag will have a notable lack of military population.